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Welcome to Quinn Goods

Where we bring your favorite video game and movie items to life!

ABOUT US......

We manufacture and produce 3d printed replicas and props for the video game and movie production industries. We use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. We strive to make our customers smile.


News and Promotions

3D Printed Respirator Production Effort (Covid19)

As you may be aware the medical community is in desperate need of respirators due to a severe shortage within the medical system. We are currently 3D printing respirators for California based medical facilities and donating them daily. You can help! All we need is filament. If you donate filament, the cost of filament or more we will send you a filtered respirator mask as a thank you and the remaining filament will be used to produce respirators for the Hospitals. Any help you can offer in the way of filament material would be greatly appreciated. You can donate any dollar amount you can afford my Venmo is @Nicholas-Quinn-16. Matter Hackers is our preferred brand as the filament is manufactured within the US and they have supply available. Not to mention they are organizing a significant effort to produce not only respirator masks but face shields and much more for the Hospitals and medical community. Kuddos to Matter Hackers for what they are doing to support the production effort. Thank you so much, lets work together to protect our medical professionals and at risk individuals. Thanks and take care. 

We designed a respirator mask with the capability of filtering down to .2 microns. Could be a tool for Hospitals and Large Companies in need of PPE. Hopefully we can get these out to the people who need them very soon. 

Dropping off face shields to the local hospitals that are short on PPE supplies. Hopefully keeping our friends, family and neighbors in the community safe.


The Mark II,  Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe from Call of Duty Black Ops 

Equipped with LED lights and sound effects. 

The Mark II from Call of Duty Black Ops

This months featured product is the Mark II replica from Black Ops. This version is equipped with LED lighting and shooting sound effects when the trigger button is pressed. Below you'll find a video showcasing the led and sound effects. 

 *Click on the shop now button to view this product.

Ray Gun from Call of Duty Black Ops with LED Lighting

We've had different variations of Ray Guns ship out of these doors but this one is absolutely the coolest. The barrel folds down like in the game to reload. Inside is the on and off switch and the battery. The material where the led lighting shines through is also glow in the dark blue. Its available with a sound card as well. 

Ray Gun Video

A short clip showing the LED function

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Wunderwaffe Replica with LED's and Sound Effects

Designed by TheApropalypse thingiverse.com/TheApropalypse


This prop has been a long time project since we started receiving requests for it. Now it has LED's, sound card option and it looks great. This is a really cool wonder weapon for any Black Ops fan and huge credit to TheApropalypse. See the artists recognition section below for more about TheApropalypse.

Video of Wunderwaffe from Call of Duty Black Ops

Visit our 3d Printing Blog

Quinn Goods Blogging

For those into 3d printing and want some basic information this blog section is for you. We have a couple of articles in there covering what kind of 3d printer to buy, how to get started printing and the items needed to keep your 3d printer running. 

Featured Build

Call of Duty RAGNAROK DG-4 from Black Ops 3 (available now)

We're excited to launch the Ragnarok spikes from Black Ops 3. This has been a request for a while now. It took us a while because the 3d file design was done in house. Check out the progress pictures. We're complete with the build and very happy with how the Ragnarok pair turned out. 


Where can you buy our products ?

Online Marketplaces

We sell our products through most major online market places such as eBay, Newegg, Artfire, Amazon, Icraftgifts, Aftcra and we have our own secured checkout site. To visit our secured shopping site click the link below. 

*Custom requests welcome. Contact us at sales@shopquinngoods.com to request custom props.

Customer Refurbishing Services

Did your Ray Gun drop off the shelf?

Breaks, scuffs, all sorts of accidents can happen. If you bought your 3d printed prop here just message us at sales@shopquinngoods.com and send it back. We’ll fix the paint, print and repair a missing peace that broke off and other repairs. The cost is $29 plus $15 for shipping and we’ll fix your prop brand new and or make it a little different on purpose. 

*Limitations apply. For existing customers to repair original prop. Customer responsible for shipping to Quinn Goods. 

ARTIST's Recognition

We have to recognize a designer in particular that created the Bludergat, Acidgat and Magmagat 3d print design that we use. We try to create all designs in house now but there's no replacement for the beautiful job that this artist did. Wyatt has created very detailed designs for the Blundergat, Thundergun, Orgins Ice Staff and more. Check out Wyatt's designs on Thingiverse, myminifactory and pretty much anywhere else that stores 3d print files. Wyatt has a very professional and impressive skill set on the design front so contact him for design inquiries or just to tell him how awesome he is.. 

Wyatt Buxton (mrduck123 thingiverse)

Below are a couple examples of the quality of Wyatt's 3d design work.

*Click on the pics below for a link to Wyatt's designs

Call of Duty Black Ops Orgins Ice Staff

Call of Duty Black Ops Thundergun

For design inquiries contact Wyatt at mrduck12345678@gmail.com

ARTIST's Recognition

Another awesome designer we want to showcase is

responsible for designing the Wunderwaffe DG-2 from Call of Duty Black Ops.

TheApropalypse created the wunderwaffe DG-2 3d file we use for the World at War and Black Ops 3 replicas. Check out his designs at www.thingiverse.com/ TheApropalypse. You'll find a ton of really cool and highly detailed designs to his credit. For custom design inquiries don't hesitate to contact TheAproplyps at theapropalypse@gmail.com

Below are some examples of the Apropalypse's work.

Wunderwaffe from Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and World at War

Staff of Ice from Call of Duty Black Ops Orgins


Star Wars Fox Wolf Blaster

Finished props in action!


COD Black Ops Catalog Products(3d Printed, Full Size, Fully Painted). 

Mark II replica with green LED lighting

Mark II replica with blue LED lighting

Ray Gun replica

Perk A Cola 12pk set

Mark 2 Standard full size replica

Magmagat full size replica

MR6 replica

MX 9 full size replica

Apex Legends Catalog Products

(3d Printed, Full Size, Fully Painted).

R301 Full Size Replica Prop (custom skins available)

Mozambique Full Size Replica Prop

Wraith Blade Replica Prop

Peacekeeper Full Size Replica Prop (custom skins available)

RE45 Full Size ReplicaProp

P 2020 Full Size Repica Prop

Wingman Replica with Display Stand Included

Fortnite Catalog Products  (3d printed full size , fully painted replicas).

Legendary SCAR full size replica

Minigun full size replica

Chug jug

Copper Noctruno replica

MISC Replicas (3d printed, full size replicas).

Power Rangers Sword of Darkness

He-Man Sword Full Size Replica

Dead by Daylight Trapper Replica Mask

Dead by Daylight Huntress Replica Mask

Dead by Daylight Legion Replica Mask

Overwatch Catalog Products

Widowmaker Replica

Sombra Machine Pistol



We provide custom props for movie productions and popular social media videos. Producers are welcome to contact us directly for inquiries. Our recent work is non disclosable as the current movies productions we are involved in are still in production. 

 For movie production related inquiries contact sales@shopquinngoods.com



Contact us for questions and custom orders.