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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Let's come together to help provide our community medical workers and at risk individuals by 3d printing respirators and other PPE in short supply.

3d Printed Respirators and PPE in severe short supply.

We are 3d printing respirators for local medical facilities within Southern California. As you probably know due to covid19 there is an incredible shortage of available respirators available within the US. Join us in our effort to help fix this problem by producing the much needed respirators and masks to the people who need them right now. We are waist deep in the effort printing 24/7 until the PPE becomes available for our community. Props by day, masks at night is how we are operating right now. We are donating these respirators so any help you can provide in the way of filament or the cost of filament would be huge. The donate button will accept any dollar amount you can afford. For every roll of filament you donate or the cost of the filament we'll send you a filtered respirator mask as a thank you. The remaining filament will be used to produce respirators from the medical community. Thanks and keep safe.

Support Matter Hackers as the filament provider for the 3d printed PPE effort.

You may or may not know that most 3d printer filaments come from China. Few companies manufacture their own filament here in the US. Matter Hackers does produce their own filament and they have a good supply to support this effort. Matter Hackers is in a unique position where they have the stock and they want to help. Please purchase any filament being used for respirator and other PPE printing from Matter Hackers right now. This company has organized a covid19 portal to help companies like us organize into larger manufacturing efforts that will have the ability to truly impact the PPE supply. One company with 20 printers can only do so much to help but 200 companies united can have a tremendous impact on PPE production right now, immediately. Matter Hackers is helping bridge the gap from now unit the PPE hits the market. You'll find a link below to the Matter Hackers store.