How to make your own 3d printed props

March 8, 2020

BY Nick Quinn

If you have a 3d printer and want to start making your own props let’s talk about how to do it. If you have a 3d print file in mind or created one yourself and you want to bring that bad boy to life just do it. Now let’s talk about how to do it. Find or create your 3d print file and print it. Obviously I’m skipping over the details assuming you know how to print a 3d print file. If not no worries go back to my previous blog article about how to get started 3d printing. Once you have your 3d print sections it’s time to assemble. You’ll want to use glue to adhere the peace’s together. You’ll find that PLA is not like other plastics. If you’re printing with PLA you’ll want to use a super glue like Bob Smith Industries Instacure. They have a spray called Instaset that immediate creates a bond when applied. I’ll include a link with both below. Once your sections are glued together it’s time to get some wood filler in the cracks and imperfections. Go ahead and sand the filler u til smooth. Now you’re ready to primer the prop. Once the primer dries it’s time to paint. I prefer airbrushing personally but you can use enamel or acrylic paint with a brush as well. Once you’ve displayed your creativeness on your first prop I suggest you spray it with clear coat. After the paint is dry of course. Now you have your first prop. This is a very generic, basic example and there are many cool things you can add like led lighting and sound effects etc. In a future article I’ll go into detail about how to install LED’s or sound effects and what components to use. Check below for links to BSI glue products and wood filler.