Items You'll Need to Fix Your 3d Printer

March 4, 2020

BY Nick Quinn

Now that you have your 3D printer and you've figured out how to use it or not you'll need some things to keep your printer running. You'll notice that bed leveling will be your number one reason at first as to why your prints fail. Over time the bed gets tighter and un level resulting in a clogged nozzle and a bunch of gunk built up inside the hotend. Once you clear the hot end you'll want to replace the nozzle then re level your bed. This is why you'll want a pack of extra nozzles. There's a ton of other things that can fail over time like the extruder spring, the hot end, the motors etc. Remember, the internet and YouTube can get you through a lot of issues with 3d printing. You just have to spend the time needed to research. If you have the tools and parts needed already its a quick fix once you understand the issue and solution. Below you'll find a list of essential parts as well as non essential but commonly failed parts for your reference. 

1. Replacement nozzles (must have to keep running over time)

2. Masking tape (a lot of beds need masking tape laid down at first along with glue from a glue stick to keep the prints on the bed.) 

3. Glue sticks. (you need to apply glue to pretty much any bed to keep the prints on the bed.)

4. Assuming you have the wrenches and tools that came with your printer, you'll need to keep all that safe because you'll need every tool that comes with the printer. 

Would be good to have on hand but not necessary until these items break.....

1. New pre assembled hot end

2. New extruder with adjustable tension spring

3. New Motors 

4. Bearings